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Shh...it's Surprise! Membership is Back!


Early Childhood Special Education Resources

Our Change, Your Opportunity…

Honestly, the plan wasn’t to re-open the membership until later this year but we needed to make a change behind the scenes so we thought, “why not open it up for just a few days for those who weren’t able to enroll the first time?”!

The Autism Little Learners Membership was designed to give you relevant resources you can use each month, ongoing coaching & training, and a community of support! 

Inside this Membership You Will….

  • Feel Less Overwhelmed:  Ideas & resources made available to you monthly plus ongoing support & training.

  • Reduce You Stress:  Educators & parents have had so much thrown at them since the COVID-19 pandemic started a year ago. This will help to take one more thing off your plate with planned monthly resources.

  • Save You Time:  You are incredibly busy and want resources designed for what you need versus having to go out and search for something that may or may not work. Plus, you'll receive new resources each month to make progress with your student.

  • Serve Your Student Better:  Communication practice should be implemented across settings and across people in the child's environment. This membership will help you do that!

  • You Want More!  You love the idea of being able to simplify your planning and be able to spend more time doing what you want.

What's included: ⁠
  • 8+ Monthly Products to Download (Plus 2 new products each month that are not available on TPT or outside of this membership 🤫)⁠
  • Sample IEP Goals⁠
  • Monthly Group Coaching Call via Zoom⁠
  • Members ONLY FB Group with monthly LIVE Trainings 🙌⁠

Enrollment starts now and is only open for 3 DAYS. The cart closes end of day Wednesday, March 31st! To learn more & enroll HERE.

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