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We All Have Different Shades of Skin Story

Hello friends,

The last week has brought a lot of disbelief and unrest across our country.  The murder of George Floyd took place 30 minutes from my home.  My heart is broken for his family and friends.  This story is meant to be a way to begin to talk about the topic of skin color with young children.  Little ones don't understand racism, hate or injustice.  They MAY notice that we all have different color skin or hair.  This story is meant to provide a simple, basic way to talk about skin color.  A special thanks to Jamie and Duriel Johnson, and Simona Byron Boler for you input and guidance <3

Click here for Shades of Skin Story

Click here for story with alternate page 2 (with clothing)

Click here for Spanish Version of Shades of Skin Story

Click here for Skin Shades Story in Arabic

Click here for Skin Shades Story in French

Click here for Skin Shades Story in Japanese

Click here for Skin Shades Story in Afrikaans

Click here for Skin Shades Story in German


  1. These are truly brilliant! I'm in England is there any way I could print them off to place in my playroom. I'm a childminder. 😀

  2. Thank you so much! This is wonderful! I shared this with several colleagues (direct link to your site) and plan to use this resource with my 3yo daughter and my clients.

  3. Thank you so much for this wonderful resource.

  4. This is great book. I would like to translate into Chinese if I can get your approval.

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