A big part of school for younger children involves greeting their teacher and other students in the morning.  We've seen a lot of popularity with children making choices with regards to how they want to greet their teacher at the door in the morning (high five, hug, fist bump etc..).  There is no doubt that those greetings that involve touch will look different this school year.  This little story is to prepare children and give some other options for non-touch or minimal touch greetings!

Click here for greeting story

Click here for greeting story in Arabic

Click here for greeting story in French

Click here for greeting story in Afrikaans


  1. this is lovely!! can't wait to share this story with my kids!

  2. Your work is so amazing. I am grateful for you and your support.

  3. Absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new greetings visuals, THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing with us. STUNNING, we are all going to thoroughly enjoy using them!!!