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Visual Supports for HOME

We know consistency and routine are important, especially during times of stress and change.  For children who are used to using a visual schedule and other visual supports at school, it can be really hard to be without that when at home.  Whether it is during this COVID-19 pandemic when school is canceled or distance learning is implemented, or just a weekend or holiday break, children may benefit from using these supports in the home setting.  I've put together some basic strategies that I, along with my brilliant colleague, Terri Swenson, use daily with our students.  I've included instructions for parents on how to implement these, as well as some examples.  Visual supports are a proven, evidence-based practice for children with autism, so we KNOW they work!  Please share with anyone you think might find this useful and helpful.


  1. I cannot wait to use this resource with my students and families! I know that their families will be very appreciative to use these tools that you have created! Thank you Tara!

  2. A big heartfelt thank you from South Africa! May you be showered with blessings.

  3. Awesome material...Thank you for the great sharing...