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At Home Speech Therapy & Preschool Resources - FREE!!!!

In times of crisis, we often see the best in people!  I've seen this in our Teachers Pay Teachers online community.  As a speech/language pathologist, I am trying to think outside the box on how to make distance learning meaningful and effective for my students and families.  I've put together an At Home language resource with instructions for families.  Click below to download this for FREE.  I am also going to add other free resources that I find online from other teachers on this post too.  Come back each day to check out new links.

Click here for At Home Speech Therapy Picture Scene Cards

Click here for At Home Speech Therapy in Afrikaan Language

Click here for At Home Speech Therapy in Turkish

Click here for At Home Speech Therapy in French

Click here for Lavina Pop's Week 1 Preschool Learn at Home Packet

Click here for Teacher Twinkle Toes free movement cards

Click here for Teacher Twinkle Toes All About Shapes and Colors FREE packet


  1. thank you so much for these awesome worksheets!!! thank you for making it free for all!!!

  2. Wonderful materials. Thank you

  3. These resources are wonderful. Especially during this remote instruction time.

  4. That was my hope... to help others while creating for my own students! Stay safe!

  5. Really like the At Home speech therapy - picture scenes but the pictures are not loading to view and save or print.

    1. Can you try again and if you still can't get it, email me at autismlittlelearners@gmail.com and I can email a pdf to you!!! Sorry you are having trouble loading it :(

  6. Thank you very much for providing these resources. Love the social stories!

  7. All of the activities are wonderful. This was very kind of you. Thanks a lot

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